Performance & Quality Improvement

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Today, more than ever, there is growing interest, awareness, and momentum for the promise of performance management and quality improvement.

Data provides St. Christopher’s with the critical components that will allow us to showcase our efforts and successes to staff, stakeholders, and other constituents while also helping increase capacity and improve return on investments.

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Strategic Plan 2016 - 2019

The Agency’s three-year strategic plan was officially launched in the beginning of the year and as a result significantly changed the way in which we have advanced our mission. Both staff and board members have committed to measurable goals, approved priorities for implementation, and have used it as a guide for decision making and resource allocation. Our success, in part, is due to the months spent “planning to plan” in 2016 and the development of an effective process that was inclusive, transparent, and informative to our various stakeholders. Each quarter our Leadership team revisits our strategic objectives and discusses our progress as well as any obstacles towards advancement. By utilizing the plan framework we hold ourselves accountable in reaching our goals and in working to make a difference in the lives of our youth and families.

Staffing & Management

Qualified Workforce
Positive Workplace
Effectual Performance Evaluations
Volunteers & Interns

Board & Agency Development

Board Development
Strategic Plan Implementation
Transparent Communication
Growth of Endowment Fund

Safety & Security

Safety of Youth, Staff, & Visitors
Facility Improvements
Visitor Protocols
Crisis Response
Fleet & Driver Safety

Effective Programming

Evidence-Based Coherent Philosophy
Improved Outcomes
Family Focused Support
Animal Assisted Interventions