Board of Directors

Larry Carbone

Vice President

Pamela Kelly-Day


Frank Alvarado

Board Member

David J. Lipson

Board Member

Jeff S. Maron

Board Member

Dr. Aran Ron

Board Member

Ramon Velez, Jr.

Board Member

Matt Wesley

Board Member

Lee Allen


John Dimling


Dr. Donald Antonecchia

St. Christopher's, Inc.

Frank Belloni

Board Member

Tom Leihbacher

Board Member

Lisa McCullagh

Board Member

Dr. Robert Siebert

Board Member

Larry Weiss

Board Member

Rachel Zepernick

Board Member

Executive Staff

Dr. Donald Antonecchia

Chief Executive Officer

(914) 693-3030, Ext. 2282

Dr. Rachelle Karmin

Associate Executive Director

(914) 693-3030, Ext. 2281

Nat Modugno

Chief Financial Officer

(914) 693-3030, Ext. 2285

Dr. Catherine Morrison

Chief Program Officer

(914) 693-3030, Ext. 2280

Dr. Ami V. Patel

Chief Medical Officer

(914) 693-3030, Ext. 2400

Ralph Herrera

Director of Operations

(914) 693-3030, Ext. 2275

Vivian Ossowski

Director of Admissions

(914) 693-3030, Ext. 2283

Deborah Velez-Imbrogno

Senior Director of Residential Services

(914) 693-3030, Ext. 2221

Rebecca Schavrien

Director of Clinical Services, Jennie Clarkson

(914) 693-3030, Ext. 4255

Dr. Pamela Duncan Miller

Director of Clinical Services, Dobbs Ferry

914-693-3030, Ext. 2204

Shirley Salomon

Director of Clinical Services, New Windsor

845-522-8346, Ext. 3005

Jerry Dejean

Residential Campus Director, Jennie Clarkson

(914) 693-3030, Ext. 4206

Jamar Crow

Residential Campus Director,
Dobbs Ferry

(914) 693-3030

Audra Moses

Residential Campus Director,
New Windsor

(845) 522-8346

Megan Hubertus

Director of Quality Improvement

(914) 693-3030, Ext. 2364

Sarah Ruback

Director of Professional Development & Leadership

(914) 693-3030, Ext. 2205

Cynthia Cusumano

Director of Human Resources

(914) 693-3030, Ext. 2336

Marcus Byers

Director of Information Technology

914-693-3030, Ext. 2211

Dennis da Costa

Director of Institutional Advancement & Communications

914-693-3030, Ext. 2243 / 914-357-6182

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