St. Christopher’s Admissions Department facilitates placement of residents with a therapeutic focus. The process includes a review of referral packet followed by an interview. The interview helps to determine whether one of our programs will appropriately serve the youth’s needs and assess their readiness for the program. The interview brings prospective youth and their parents/guardians together with clinical, medical, residential, and school staff in order to make the best decision and transition to placement as soon as possible.

St. Christopher’s, Inc. and the Greenburgh-North Castle Union Free School District have a centralized Admissions Department for Residential Care at the Dobbs Ferry campus which is responsible for receiving and processing all referrals.

Contact Information:

Vivian Ossowski, Director of Admissions

(914) 693-3030, Ext. 2283

Referral packets should include, minimally:

  • Psycho social report and family history including current adjustment and reasons for placement
  • Psychological and all-related services evaluations, preferably within one year. Youth with IQ scores ranging from approximately 50 and above will be considered.
  • Psychiatric evaluation within the past year.
  • Current educational information such as grade levels (math and reading), transcript / report cards, and current IEP.
  • Current medical information including a recent physical and any specialist reports that pertain to the young persons health.