Unlocking Individual Potential, One Child at a Time

For families of children at risk, St. Christopher’s is a lifeline. For vulnerable children, St. Christopher’s is a life-changing guide that leads the way to success.

Founded in 1881, St. Christopher’s is a non-sectarian organization that serves the needs of teens with emotional, behavioral and learning disabilities across a broad spectrum. Our total learning environment nurtures the whole child in an immersive, incentive driven program that inspires individual, social and intellectual growth.

With three safe and secure campuses, St. Christopher’s offers residential, educational, therapeutic, recreational and social services seamlessly coordinated and implemented by a highly trained professional staff.

Child centered and family focused, St. Christopher’s four-pillar philosophy emphasizes academic studies, social responsibility, character development and personal accountability. Working closely with each child and family from admittance through graduation and beyond—St. Christopher’s supports a full transition from at risk adolescence to independent adulthood.

“The best thing I ever did was make the decision to send my daughter to St. Christopher’s. They picked up the pieces where I couldn’t and made a difference in helping her get where she is today."

—Mrs. A, St. Christopher’s parent